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Big Desk

We believe that the High Street is still a completely viable place to do business and is fundamental to everything we do.

We take out of date, tired, retail units and refurbish them to as new condition so that when our customers move in they can concentrate on running their business rather than waiting for an electrician to rewire the place!

Usually all properties have new internal walls along with new electrical outlets and are outfitted with the latest low environmental impact LED lighting.  All properties will have been painted and in a ready to move in condition suitable either for use as office accommodation or as a retail unit.

Also, unlike most property companies, we will provide you with as much assistance as we can to make sure your business is successful. 


This is, of course, in everybody's interests including yourselves, ourselves and the community in general but we do go the extra mile and, if you wish, will assist you with setting up a website or design of promotional material etc.


In addition, if this is your first foray into the commercial or retail world and you need any general business advice then we will try to help out as much as we can. 

We lease properties in Fife, Tayside and Clackmannanshire.  Please see the map in the "Contact" section for properties available at the moment. 

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